How To Measure Your Glass Pool Fence

Measuring your fence is simple — follow the guide below to map out your project…

Step 1.

Define the Area

Draw the area where your Pool Fence will be located. Make sure to include important features, such as:


In Australia, there are Pool Fence Regulations for all pools of 300mm or greater in depth. The Australian Standard is AS 1926.1-2012 Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools, however, Pool Fencing Standards, Codes and Regulations can vary from state to state.

Before purchasing your new fencing products from JayMarc Industries, we recommend you visit your local government regulation websites or call/visit them to ensure you are getting exactly what you require and that will comply with your relative local and State Government Building Standards.

Building Permit

JayMarc Industries Pool Fencing have been tested and certified to the Australian Standard. However, you still may need a building permit to commence the work at your property. Please contact your Local Council, Pool Builder or Builder for more information to make sure your fencing meets Australian Standards.

Earthing Regulations

As part of the electrical code, all metal fencing/objects within 1250mm of the pool edge must be earthed by an electrician. Alternatively, other products such as Spigot Insulators or Non-conductive Spigots can be used if you are in the 1250mm radius.


Step 2.

Take Measurements

Measure the distances between points of your fence line and write them on the plan.

Be sure to measure where the fence will be i.e. 100mm in from the edge of the concrete
(as seen in the example)

Step 3.

Calculate Panel Sizes

Divide each section into equal-sized panels, allowing for gaps and gates.

Panel sizes range from 200mm – 2000mm


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